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Congratulations on taking the next step in your explosive Real Estate career.

This course will give you the necessary information and tools to begin your journey with WE ARE REALTY. The lessons contained within this course will teach you how to set up your account within our proprietary CRM software, Give you the necessary details and contact information to process transactions and show you how to use powerful tools to grow you pipeline and revenue.

Included in this course are several important skills need to be a successful real estate professional, including:

  • Introduction
  • Education
  • The C.R.M.
  • Upgrades
  • Client Services
  • Agent Services
  • Transactions & Compliance


Section 1Introduction
Lecture 1IntroductionFree Preview

Welcome to WE ARE REALTY!


We are able to achieve remarkable results for our clients due to our unique position in the marketplace and the expertise of our Partner Agents like yourself. We help to combine passion with education and technology for turn-key business solutions. It is our partners that truly make this company unique and that is why the cornerstone of our success is in your hands.

Acting on behalf of buyers, sellers and investors, our ability to uniquely understand our clients’ needs has earned us a reputation of integrity and success. Our approach towards education allows our clients to understand every aspect of the transaction while producing optimal results. This is what makes us the strongest Real Estate Broker in California.

Our focus on clear communication, executing dynamic marketing strategies and applying an assertive approach to negotiating, enables us to consistently deliver multiple offers and sales prices far above asking price on every property.

While representing buyers and investors, our knowledge of the market, paired with a strong negotiation approach and my innate sense of the real value, ensures our clients acquire the best property at the best price.

We are here to get you started. This guide will help you understand our processes, tools and support you have available to you at all times.

I’m glad to have you as part of the team because WE are here to succeed, together.

Robert Crawford
CEO & Partner Agent

Lecture 2Partner ExcellenceFree Preview

Partner Excellence

Extraordinary service is the foundation of WE ARE REALTY.

That is why we strive every day to exceed expectations with our Clients and our Partners. To accomplish this, we offer 5 points of excellence for our Partner Agents.

  • – Training & Mentorship
  • – Marketing & Support
  • – Technology
  • – Lead Generation
  • – Commission* & Lifetime Income


Partner Standards

By embarking on a career bath as a Partner with WE ARE REALTY Inc., it’s important to understand the standards of the company. 


Integrity and ethics are the backbone of this entire business and the great people it serves. All agents, independent contractors and trainees are expected to uphold the highest code of ethics. All partner agents are required to abide by the National Association of Realtor ethic standards and comply with a local, state and federal laws. 


All Partner Agents are expected to follow and adhere to all local, county, state and federal laws in their area of business. This includes using telemarketing, email and direct mail tools within the WE ARE REALTY Inc system. 


Professional communication with clients, employees and other associates of WE ARE REALTY Inc. is expected. Partner Agents are required to keep record of communications with Clients, especially when directly related to a transaction. 

Equal Opportunity

Partners, Associates, Employees and Clients are considered without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, marital status, ancestry, physical or mental disability, veteran status or sexual orientation.

Lecture 3Get VerifiedFree Preview

Get Verified


A verified account is considered an Independent Contractor (“Partner Agent”) of WE ARE REALTY. This comes with several benefits including advertising space on the client website, buyer and seller leads and access to all upgrades.

Certain aspects of the WE ARE REALTY software are available to verified partners only.

Requirements to become a Verified Partner:

  • – Active Real Estate License in the U.S.
  • – A member of the National Board of Realtors
  • – an Employing license Real Estate Broker
  • – Agree to the WE ARE REALTY Partner Terms


If these requirements are met, a manager will process the application and facility the transfer of your Real Estate Brokerage license. 

Benefits of Verified Accounts

There are several benefits to verifying a professional account with us. First, it will give your clients a unique experience and allow you to be their assigned agent. This ensures that your clients can browse and use the WE ARE REALTY system and apps and ensure you are the only agent that shows on active listings.

Here are some more benefits to verifying a professional account:

  • – Referral Code Branding
  • – Visibility in their selected territory
  • – New Client Leads
  • – Public Agent Profile Page
  • – Client Reviews


Once verified, this allows your profile to be visible on the public client end of the website(s) and Apps. Verified Partners get additional benefits which include:

How to Verify Your Account

Verifying your account is a simple three step process. 

Step 1 – Log into your WE ARE REALTY PARTNER account
Step 2 – Go to the Verify Account Page
Step 3 – Enter your License details
Step 4 – Enter your territory details for Lead Generation
Step 5 – Agree to the WE ARE REALTY Partner Agreement

If you do not have a WE ARE REALTY C.R.M. log in, please email


Learn More
Lecture 4BrandingFree Preview

Branding and Marketing Materials

Creating a strong personal brand presence is critical to massive success with your Real Estate Business. We take branding seriously and have a team available to help customize marketing materials to incorporate your unique Brand. 

Luckily, we have a great marketing team that is available to coordinate your graphic needs. Send a message to with your needs to get started. 

Business Cards

We can help design and coordinate the printing of your business cards. Choose and place your business card order here.

Post Cards

The WE ARE REALTY C.R.M. is the only system that lets you automatically print and send postcards with just a few clicks. This begins by creating a front and back postcard graphic that will be used when sending. Our in-house designers are here to help set up and create postcards for your business use using our WE ARE REALTY postcard templates. We may also help to design custom postcards at an additional cost.

Learn more about postcards here


Creating letters is easier than ever with the WE ARE REALTY C.R.M. Our system will allow you to customize letter content with a letter head, dynamic merge codes and the ability to “auto-send”. Our system with customize the letter to the client and generate a PDF that can be printed or sent automatically.

Our “auto-send” feature allows you to print and mail a letter with the click of a button. No printer or work needed on your end. 

Learn more about letters here


We are the only Brokerage with the ability to digital create and send a postcard to any address directly through our CRM system. 

Learn more about postcards here

Marketing Guidelines

All Partner Agents, associates, independent contractors and marketing employees must adhere to the WE ARE REALTY Inc marketing and branding guidelines. All uses of the WE ARE REALTY trademark, copyright and/or logo must adhere to these guidelines. Custom agent designs and branding are allowed but must be approved by WE ARE REALTY Inc management. Management may deny designs that do not fit within these guidelines and potentially take legal action if needed.

These guidelines are important to create consistency in the branding of the company which benefits all parties involved.  

Lecture 5Offices
Lecture 6The Referral CodeFree Preview

Referral Codes

Our system allows you to create a unique identifying keyword that will be used on the end of client links. When a link to a property or the site is shared with a referral code, our system will recognize that user originated from your account and customize the experience.

Share with Clients

Share WE ARE REALTY with your friends and clients to make sure you are the only agent that shows up while they search properties.

Share with Professionals

Share WE ARE REALTY Partners with Professionals to receive a passive income of 25% of the net income generated for the lifetime of the account. If they end up upgrading, you’ll get 25% too, every single month. Everybody wins!

Credits will automatically be applied to your account as payments are successfully made. Amount is based on WE ARE REALTY net income, not gross. Once your account has reached a minimum of $20, payments will be made to your billing address and account on file. Please see our Terms and Conditions for further information.

Customize Referral Code

Share WE ARE REALTY with your friends and clients to make sure you are the only agent that shows up while they search properties. Customize your referral code here.

View Referral Page
Section 2Education
Lecture 7Mentor / CoachFree Preview

Mentor / Coach

Greatness cannot be accomplished alone. That’s why we take great strides to ensure you have the proper support, systems, tools, scripts and one-on-one guidance to grow your career.

Our mentorship program gives you the direct 1-on-1 guidance that is critical to improving your skills and achieving your goals.


Process of working with a mentor:

  • – Develop Vision
  • – Agree on Goals
  • – Practice Scripts
  • – Review Documents for Compliance
  • – Answer Relevant Questions


Not sure who your assigned mentor is?

Email to receive those details.

Lecture 8Nucleus
Lecture 9Education PortalFree Preview

The Education Portal

Acquiring the skills to improve your success rate is critical to growing your business and increasing your results. As a Real Estate Technology company we believed it was incredibly important to create a comprehensive online education portal that can give you the tools and knowledge to excel within the Real Estate Industry. 

Required Courses

A passing grade for the required courses will verify that you may receive leads, commissions and Broker support for transactions. The courses will show you how to find business, service clients and how to ensure legal compliance along the way.

Recommended Courses

These sale courses will add to your skill sets and give you the technical knowledge and practical skills to increase your income.

Go to the Education Portal:

Lecture 10Knowledge BaseFree Preview

Knowledge Base

Technology related tutorials and frequently asked questions are answered on within the knowledge base. Similar to the education portal, the knowledge base contains categories and articles on the best uses and features of the CRM site.


Go to the Knowledge Base:

Lecture 11Time Management
Lecture 12SupportFree Preview


Our two-way support chat is available within your CRM system and app. It allows you to ask questions regarding the technology or business practices. 


Contact Support:

Section 3Client Services
Lecture 13Introduction
Lecture 14Residential Real Estate
Lecture 15Residential Leasing
Lecture 16Commercial Real Estate
Lecture 17Commercial Leasing
Lecture 18Property Management
Lecture 19Business Brokering
Lecture 20Client Website
Lecture 21Client Apps
Section 4Agent Services
Lecture 22Introduction
Lecture 23Marketing
Lecture 24Administative Assistance
Lecture 25Transaction Coordination
Section 5The C.R.M.
Lecture 26The C.R.M.
Lecture 27Contacts
Lecture 28Leads
Lecture 29Property
Lecture 30Actions
Lecture 31Action Plans
Lecture 32Templates
Lecture 33Stats
Lecture 34Goals
Section 6Upgrades
Lecture 35Owner Lookup
Lecture 36Power Caller
Lecture 37Email Campaigns
Lecture 38Letters
Lecture 39Postcards
Lecture 40Text Messaging
Lecture 41Phone Numbers
Lecture 42Teams
Lecture 43
Section 7Transactions & Compliance
Lecture 44Overview
Lecture 45New Transaction
Lecture 46Documents
Lecture 47Compliance
Lecture 48Members
Lecture 49Milestones & Actions

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