InstructorRobert Crawford
TypeOnline Course
Certificate75% of quiz marks
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Section 1The Sales Process
Lecture 1Introduction
Lecture 2Sales Theory
Lecture 3Sales Mentality
Lecture 4The Sales Process
Section 2Lead Generation
Lecture 5Practice, Practice, Practice
Lecture 6The First 3 Seconds
Lecture 7Lead Sources
Lecture 8Qualify
Lecture 9Capture
Section 3Nurture
Lecture 10Fortunes in the Follow Up
Lecture 11Action Plans
Lecture 12Get Creative
Lecture 13Be Persistent
Section 4Close
Lecture 14Ask for the Business
Lecture 15Handle Objections
Lecture 16Closing
Section 5Transactions
Lecture 17Write a Purchase Offer
Lecture 18Write a Listing Agreement
Lecture 19Disclosures
Lecture 20Addendums

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