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In our current economy, Residential Income Investments are one of the most secure assets available to investors. This is due to the ability for a residential income property to rise in value over time and acts as a hedge against the inflation of currencies.

Currently in the United States, 65% of households headed by people younger than 35 were renting, up from 57% in 2006. Rental rates have also risen notably among those ages 35 to 44. In 2016, about four-in-ten (41%) households headed by someone in this age range were renting, up from 31% in 2006. This trend is expected to rise as the costs of living inflate. This makes investing in cash-flow residential income properties an excellent investment vehicle to securely grow wealth.

Investing in multi-family properties has become a popular investment strategy among real estate entrepreneurs since the financial crises of 2008. The demand for rental apartments has surged as many home owners have lost their properties due to foreclosure while new home buyers struggle to obtain bank financing.

This course will teach you the various ways you can profit from the recent multi-family boom. The course consists of easy-to-follow training videos that offer practical, actionable advice. You will learn the exact steps you need to take to find, analyze, and close your first deal!

Included in this course are several important skills need to be a successful investor, including:

  • How to finds deals
  • Analyze potential investments
  • Secure Financing
  • Transaction Due Diligence
  • Basics of Property Management

The course is taught by Robert Crawford, a seasoned Los Angeles Real Estate Broker. This course is NOT theoretical. Robert uses several of his recent deals to illustrate the investing process. Go in-depth with the financial and practical aspects of residential income investing. There is also a large focus on the common pitfalls and warning signs to watch for before acquiring a property.

By the end of this course you will not only have the blueprint for successfully finding and evaluating deals but also understand the benefits of residential income investments that help produce financial freedom.


Section 1Introduction
Lecture 1IntroductionFree Preview

Welcome to Commercial Real Estate!


Lecture 2Commercial Overview
Lecture 3Commercial Terminology
Lecture 4Commercial Types
Lecture 5Residential Benefits
Section 2Financial Analysis
Lecture 6Overview
Lecture 7Macro Analysis
Lecture 8Comparable Analysis
Lecture 9Property Analysis
Lecture 10Depreciation
Section 3Acquisitions
Lecture 11Find Residential Real Estate
Lecture 12Residential Prospecting
Lecture 13Residential Financing
Lecture 14Purchase Offer
Lecture 15Escrow Process

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