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Master the Phone and Grow your Income

The phone is the most effective tool to communicate with clients that has ever been invented. That smartphone in your pocket gives you the power to accomplish any financial goal you set your mind to. The problem is that most people don’t even realize powerful your phone really is…

This course will teach you how to…

  • Gain the Confidence to Dial
  • Dial effectively with custom software
  • Create the BEST call script for your personality
  • Track your numbers to control your success
  • Set appointments with qualified leads

Becoming great on the phone takes skill and experience. A sales man who has full control of a sales conversation can move the needle to meet and exceed their goals. Cold Calling puts the salesman in the drivers seat, allowing them to control their success. In fact, cold calling should be the foundation of every business that has a product of service to sell. Entrepreneurs that focus on having impactful conversations with potential clients is the best way to get off the ground.

The salesman that can contact a total stranger and convert them into a paying customer will succeed in every business environment. Luckily, this is a skill that anyone can learn if you are giving the right tools.


This course will give you the mentality, skills and scripts needed to succeed and close deals over the phone. You will become a massive producer with you company if you follow the teachings within this course.

Section 1Power of the Phone
Lecture 1Why CallFree Preview

Cold Calling stuff here



The Goals of Calling

Lecture 2Types of Calls
Lecture 3Limited Beliefs
Lecture 4Success is in the Numbers
Lecture 5Customize Each Call
Lecture 6The Law
Section 2Preparation
Lecture 7The System
Lecture 8The Call List
Lecture 9The Goals
Lecture 10The Objective
Section 3The Call
Lecture 11Tonality
Lecture 12Qualify
Lecture 13Build Rapport
Lecture 14Note Everything
Lecture 15Get Started
Section 4Open
Lecture 16The Scripts
Lecture 17Capture Data
Section 5Qualify
Lecture 18Gather Information
Lecture 19Ask the right questions
Lecture 20Time Constraints
Lecture 21Tell a Story
Lecture 22Discover the Opportunity
Section 6Close
Lecture 23When to close
Lecture 24Rebuttal
Lecture 25Anchor
Lecture 26Nuture
Lecture 27Set the Appointment

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